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Buying Beef for the Freezer

Home Grown & Naturally Raised


Rex and Dorothy Steninger

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                   Raised locally at the base of the Ruby Mountains

                   Raised naturally without the use of growth stimulants

                   Higher quality & better taste

                   More beef for your buck

Getting Acquainted

Buying naturally raised beef in large quantities from a local producer can result in significant cost savings and provide the consumer with a healthier alternative to grocery- store beef.


Healthy Thinking

Our cattle graze freely in open pastures and are never confined in feedlots or given growth hormones or growth stimulants. The cattle are finished on alfalfa and corn to provide additional nutrients and promote tenderness. This method of production yields beef that is lean and great tasting. This translates into beef that is lower in fat and calories and higher in vitamins, such as beta-carotene and Vitamin E. The taste and quality of grass fed beef will compare favorably to “store bought” beef, and you will have the additional advantage of being able to trace the beef to its source! Knowing the exact origin of the beef you are eating is a real bonus in today’s market.

Cost Smart

The amount of take-home beef and cost per pound of beef in the freezer are two important considerations for “on the hoof” beef buyers. The hoof weight does not represent what will be deposited in your freezer. In processing, there will be a considerable amount of cutting loss. For example, a 1,000 lb. animal will have a hanging weight of about 600 pounds at the butcher shop.  Depending on your processing choices, you will receive about 432 pounds of edible beef – including about 130 lbs. of steaks, 110 lbs. of roasts, 20 lbs. of brisket and miscellaneous cuts, 30 lbs. of short ribs, 20 lbs. of stew meat, and 122 lbs. of ground beef. To make it simple, paying $2.95 per pound for a 1,000 lb. animal will end up costing you $6.83 per pound for the meat in your freezer.

$2.95 X 1,000 lbs. = $2,950
$2,950 / 432 lbs. = $6.83 per pound

This price is all inclusive: paying for the animal, the butchering, cutting, wrapping and the delivery to and from the butcher.

Compare that to the $9.00-$12.00 per pound you pay at the grocery store for a steak!  Certainly, you will be buying more “chucks and rounds” than “ribs and loin”, but it is all delicious usable beef at a reasonably lower cost. And if you’d like, we can provide you with a few recipes for preparing those cuts you ordinarily would not buy.

Remember we are selling you the live animal.  A great option for smaller families is to split a beef with a friend. A half beef or “side” is often a much more manageable quantity of meat, from both the perspective of cost and utilization. If you need a beef-partner let us know and we’ll try to find someone in the same position.

We will deliver your beef to the butcher, thereafter it will have to be cut and wrapped, or “processed” to your specifications.  The butcher will talk to you directly for this service. Please ask us for assistance in making the necessary arrangements and decisions on processing options. 

The Clincher

It’s guaranteed! If you are not pleased with your beef after a two-week trial, you may return it for refund or replacement.



 Beef Cuts



 Roasts, steaks

 3 to 5 days

12 months

 Stew meat

 1 to 2 days

12 months

 Ground beef

 1 to 2 days

12 months

 Variety meats

 1 to 2 days

12 months

 Corned beef

 7 days

12 months

 Cooked beef

 3 to 4 days

12 months


One cubic foot of freezer space will hold
approximately 30 lbs. to 32 lbs. of beef.

The times shown are for the maximum time for Best Flavor.
These cuts of beef will be edible for a much longer time, but the quality and taste will diminish over time.

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